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Abdominal obesity causes and exercise methods

This topic is about the causes of abdominal obesity and how to exercise.

First of all, do you know exactly what abdominal obesity is?

In general, fat people usually have a belly.

Even if you are fat and have a belly, all of them are not abdominal obesity, but just general obesity.

These obese people aim to lose overall weight rather than worrying about the abdomen.

You can do this, but if your stomach is still bloated after your weight returns to normal

Then think about your belly fat.

Abdominal obesity that I want to talk about today is normal weight or

This is a case where only the belly protrudes even though it is less than that.

The types and causes of abdominal obesity can be divided into:

1. People with a lot of abdominal visceral fat

It is a solid form with typical skinny obesity.

It refers to a case in which fat is intensively distributed between the liver and intestines around the intestines.

It is distributed evenly from obese people to thin people.

It's the worst for your health, but it's the easiest to fix if you change your basic diet and lifestyle.

- Drinking: Alcohol increases the rate of visceral fat accumulation. Alcohol is converted into a toxic substance in the body.

Priority is given to recognizing and decomposing alcohol so that fatty acids that have not been broken down in the meantime

It accumulates in the abdomen and causes obesity.

- Excessive intake of fructose and simple sugar: Fructose and simple sugar are among the nutrients most easily stored in the intestines.

- A habit of not moving for a long time

- Overeating or binge eating habits

- People who repeat excessive diets and yo-yos

2. People with a lot of abdominal subcutaneous fat

From a cosmetic point of view, this is the case for people who are really troubled.

It must be a person whose fat droops outward because of subcutaneous fat.

Unlike the visceral fat type, this case is very difficult to solve, but fortunately

Compared to visceral fat, it has less adverse effects on health.

This is usually the case for people who were overweight in the past, that is, people who have lost weight from being very obese or very obese.

It is often seen among people who have repeated diets and yo-yos several times.

I have returned to my normal weight, but my stomach is churning, and even if I exercise my abs, there is no elasticity.

If you approach this case scientifically, there is no exact answer.

It has been confirmed that the superficial abdominal fat loses less than the inner visceral fat, but

Because there is no solution.

There is, however, something that trainers and exercise physiologists are empirically speaking about.

However, it will be a long-term operation of more than one year

* Step 1: Prepare for a bodybuilding competition or body profile until the sagging fat is completely reduced.

I dry my body fat by thinking. Of course, exercise and diet management go hand in hand.

(Actually, if you do it while preparing for the shoot, it can motivate you.)

* Step 2: If the sagging part disappears, then from then on, perform core exercises and slowly normalize your weight. It should never be increased quickly, but slowly, within 1-2 kg per month.

* Moisturize and massage together during the step for skin elasticity.


As an exercise method to solve abdominal obesity, rather than aerobic exercise

It is recommended to focus on strength training.

Rather than focusing on your belly, you should focus on increasing your overall muscle mass.

In general, people with abdominal obesity have less muscle mass rather than more body fat.

The lower your basal metabolic rate, the more calories you have left as body fat.

Therefore, it is important to lose belly fat, but it is more important to increase muscle mass than that.

It's important to focus.

Because basal metabolic rate is proportional to muscle mass, increasing muscle mass also increases basal metabolic rate.

As muscle mass increases, body fat mass will naturally decrease as well.

Exercise methods include crunches, gym ball exercises, and criss cross (upper body crossed exercise).

It is recommended to eat a little less than the basic food or to increase the percentage of protein instead.

Also, there is a stomach that is caused by a wrong posture.

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