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EMS training


It stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

You can think of it as a device that helps you exercise.

The developed instrument is for astronauts who cannot move in zero gravity.

This was to reduce bone density and prevent muscle atrophy.

EMS directly contracts and relaxes muscles through low frequencies.

It acts as a health booster that allows you to see great efficiency even if you exercise for a short time.

As these advantages became known, elite athletes became famous for their highly efficient training methods.

I started using it as a celebrity diet device.

Scope of application of EMS training

1. Weightless strength training

Sufficient muscle strength can be strengthened without weight due to microcurrent stimulation.

You can exercise without straining your joints.

2. Whole body, part-by-part exercise

Core movement products that allow you to set stimulation for each part as well as for whole body exercise

You can intensive care on the part of the body you want.

3. Strengthening deep muscles

The deeper layers of the torso make it easier to strengthen deep muscles that are difficult to strengthen.

4. Strengthening body balance

Balanced body development can be achieved because low- and mid-frequency stimuli throughout the body are produced.

5. Diet with less muscle loss

Through microcurrent, you can reduce body fat and strengthen muscle strength at the same time.

6. Prevention of various diseases

Increased muscle mass and basal metabolism can prevent the risk of diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis.

EMS training course

By directly stimulating all muscles to help contraction and relaxation,

The muscles are easily activated, so anyone can do intense interval workouts without weight.

Activates many muscle fibers within a short period of time, making the muscle tissue use more energy.

The muscles are restored and the massage effect and the rate of muscle protein synthesis are increased.

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