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 The whole world can enjoy a healthy life, anyone can operate and wear it easily.

through the expansion of EMS technology such as VFS (Visual Feedback System),

We will challenge ourselves every moment so that new challenges won't be difficult.


A pioneer of healthcare culture that everyone can enjoy.

We build the value
for every one.





We grow into a smart healthcare equipment manufacturing company
so that everyone can enjoy a healthy life.

We value customer-centric connections such as
communication, empathy, and customers feedback.

We are constantly researching and developing various products
and services to create new cultural content.

We express sincerity through actions that we seek with
interest in the customer's situation, behavior, motivate, etc.

The preparation for a leap into a new culture.

Effort for value

Realize technology and
secure differentiation for all.

Patent & design registration

We are constantly researching and developing

to create an EMS culture that everyone can

enjoy easily with our individual technique.

Safety certification

aquired domestic and overseas safety certification, lincluding KC, CE, FCC and

other conformity certificates. the product is produced under strict management

and regulations, according to its independent tech-nology for production.

Create healthy exercise habits with COREMOVEMENT which provides

pleasant and safe EMS training

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A perpetual challenge for innovating new EMS culture.

Try for make a difference

Not just waiting,
but taking action.

In order to create a new EMS culture that
you can easily enjoy with your own domestic technology,
we are constantly challenging to advance products and
improve technology.

We look forward to changes in the smart healthcare
market by participating in exhibitions and fairs to introduce
products and technologies, and further participating
in corporate contests with brilliant ideas.

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