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what is


[Electronic Muscle Stimulation]

It is the system that provides the efficient effect of

exercise through micro-currents

which cause muscle contraction and relaxation.



Check out the story of microkinetic EMS through microcurrent.

궤도에있는 우주선

USA’s NASA & Russia’s RFSA developed the technology first.

EMS was invented to
prevent astronauts
from muscle contraction


Contract & relax though

the micro-currents​

Short-time exercise through
microcurrent can achieve
great results


Proven effective in Europe.

Effect of EMS exercise is proven
and more than 1,000 
training centers opened in europe.


It's used to

strengthen the

muscles of athletes​

PGA golers, F-1 racers use it
for muscles enhancement


EMS is rapidly rising as the trendy workout method for athletes.

used by famous sport stars
such as Usain bolt and TW

and known as nice methods

비디오 카메라

Domestic media issues

"Microcurrent obesity treatment
in the spotlight" in the issue
​news with the workout
method of Korean idols


The difference between

regular exercise and EMS

Normal Exercise

Signals only used

인체해부도 좌.png

EMS Training

Response each pad

인체해부도 우.png
근육 자극 영문.png

 Red muscle (type1)
■ White muscle (type2)

※ This information for help you understand

Use of general exercise muscles and EMS exercise muscles.

In general, after sufficietly using red muscle (type1), White muscles (type2)

are sequentilly used, but EMS training allows the muscles to be stimulated at the

same time to achieve the required amount of exercise quickly and easily.

In addition, it improves exercise efficiency in a short time by simultaneously stimulating

the muscles corresponding to the movement and the core muscles.

EMS 차이점

What is

​EMS training?

EMS 트레이닝.png

Microcurrent delivery

 Contraction &


Muscle activation

Increase  efficiency

It is a training method that can maximize exercise efficiency such as activation of muscle fibers and muscle areas through direct muscle contraction/relaxation using low-frequency current.

It was developed to reduce bone density and prevent muscle atrophy in astronauts exposed to weightlessness.  Smart wearable fitness equipment that has been introduced to high-efficiency muscle-strengthening training for athletes is establishing itself as a new trend in the market.

It is a health booster that can produce the maximum effect in a short time.  Even beginners can do high-intensity training without the risk of injury.  Therefore, in the future, using EMS low-frequency exercise equipment,

You can train the desired partial muscles anytime, anywhere.

EMS 트레이닝




Alternating Current

AC is a current that periodically

changes in magnitude and

polarity (direction) with time



Direct Current

DC is a current whose polarity (direction) does not change with time.


l The safety difference between AC and DC.


The voltage is not constant and continuously changes suitable for generating and transmitting electricity


The voltage is constant and suitable for a delicate position with essential situations.

CoreMovement products use DC 5V.

EMS 안전성


meets 'water'

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) low-frequency medical device current limit standard

*Low-frequency stimulator, medical device standard pulse frequency, current limit

■ The pulse frequency​     ■ current limit

의료기기 기준.png

​Korea Ministry
Medical device
​Current limit

PRO model


*Frequency limit below 50ma *400hz.


*Output value based on 100mA*1500hz.

200214 1.5차 장비 모델링 최종.395 (누끼).png

Coremovement's products stimulate muscles with safe micro-currents tailored to
medical device standards, so it is safe for use under the water.

'물'과 EMS

The effects of Aqua Rehabilitation vary

with the water temperature.

※ Guidelines for EMS aquatic rehabilitation.

Water is the most effective medium for transmitting EMS signals to the human body. Water temperature is an essential factor in underwater exercise, and it can be applied depending on the condition of each user. If you want a certain feeling or effect, please see below for more details.

※ Standard for general water rehabilitation

Source for research understanding the aquatic rehabilitation [Jeong Byeongguk/ Chief of Research Institute for Underwater Rehabilitation]


27.8 ℃ - 28.0 ℃

29.8 ℃ - 32.1 ℃

32.0 ℃ - 34.0 ℃

35.0 ℃

36.0 ℃

  • Pleasant water temperature

  • Proper water temperature

  • Relieves muscle tension and boosts metabolism.

  • Water temperature for psychological relaxation,
    Feel fatigued when exercising in water for more than 15-20 min.

  • Nervous system disorders

수온별 효과

Utilization range of

EMS equipment

EMS technology can be utilized in various places.

PT center

필라테스 포즈




마사지 요법


탄성 밴드 운동

Various uses

Try the charm of EMS Weightless muscle strength training,
whole body & partial body training, core enhancement training,
balance strengthening training, and definition training (diet+definition), etc.

EMS 활용범위
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