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High-efficiency health care that  directly stimulates muscles 
Body & Mind  20 minute total solution 

Experience the Value

Try it out and decide!

We have prepared a free trial event for the hesitant customers.

EMS is an exercise aimed at strengthening muscle strength by directly stimulating muscles through microcurrents, and you can experience high-efficiency exercise effects in a short time of 20 minutes. Experience the value of smart healthcare products using EMS technology, a state-of-the-art exercise system.

l  For Homecare

Suits type

you can wear an EMS suit and enjoy the lower-body bathing for 20 minutes


People who find it difficult to invest time and energy for exercise in a tiring daily life can use it conveniently, and if combined with home training, the effect of exercise can be maximized.


We recommend our products to the following people.
- People who can’t sustain a workout
- People who do not like to sweat while exercise.
- People who are reluctant to visit the public gym

욕조 체험 gif.gif

l  For center

Bathtub type

A new world where you can exercise even if you stand still!

Soak in the bathtub.

Underwater EMS training helps improve muscle strength weakened by paralysis and lack of exercise by delivering micro-currents through water as a medium. In addition, it creates a synergistic effect with warm water, which helps to recover from fatigue and promotes blood circulation, thereby relieving pain such as muscle pain, back pain, and joint pain.

We recommend our products to the following people.
- People who lose legs muscles and lack of strength.
- People experiencing pain and numb feeling for no apparent reason.
- People who are physically unable to exercise.
- People suffering from chronic fatigue

Coremovement Co., Ltd

Sincere product and recognized technology

CoreMovement researches, develops, and manufactures products with all its technology and passion to fully deliver the original value of the EMS movement principle and for new innovation of EMS.

You’ll know it when you try it!​
The four most remarkable things
about the EMS spa.

Point 1

Muscular strength care

EMS directly strengthens your muscles while enjoying a half bathtub in 20 minutes.

You can immediately feel the firmness of your core muscles. (Abdomen, hips)

Point 2

Fatigue recovery & pain relief

Muscles are relaxed, tension is released, and blood circulation is improved. Relieving fatigue and pain in your body that has been stiff.

Point 3


When the body temperature rises, sweat flows, and toxins and wastes are discharged from the body, leaving the skin shiny and moist.

Point 4

Sound sleep

The tension and stress of the day disappear, and the body and mind are relaxed, which helps getting sound sleep.

Enroll now !

  • Experience area

Seoul / Busan
※ Please check the map below for the exact location.

  • operating hours

Weekdays – 10:30 a.m, 14:30 p.m, 16 p.m
※ Operation time may be varied in every trial zone depending on situation.

  • time duration

About 40min 

  • enrollment procedure

Website reservation application → happy call agent → Confirmation of reservation date → Visit experience center
※ ​Confirmation of happy call will takes 1~2 days, and the person in charge abscent will notify you by text message when you are inquiring on the phone.

  • precautions

This trial is possible to enroll per person only once.
※ ​The product guide and feedback requests will be given on the free trial.

Seoul Trial Zone (Suit type/Spa type)

    21, Magokjungang 6-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


  • +82 02-1800-7079

Busan Trial Zone (Suit type/Spa type)

    BI Center 43-404, 365, Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea


  • +82 2-1800-7079

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