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Principles and Effects of Nordic Walking

Today, I would like to introduce Nordic walking, which is known to have the effect of losing weight and correcting posture.

A typical exercise that can be done without too much strain is walking.

However, due to the low time-efficiency, many people seek other exercises, with a low risk of injury.

There is a walking exercise that is more than twice as effective as a normal walking exercise.

This is Nordic Walking.

Nordic walking has developed as a means of transportation in Nordic countries, including Norway.

This is a walking method borrowed from Nordic skiing.

Nordic walking, also known as pole walking, uses sticks (sticks).

It is a walking exercise that shakes left and right as if pushing the ground.

It is said that home training is attracting attention recently due to COVID-19.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is walking in an upright position and additional use of a pole.

I mean walking.

Nordic walking is an exercise in which you use your upper body and arms to move forward.

The pole moves naturally when walking with the hand, and when the hand is extended, the pole is planted in front.

Extend your arms back as you move forward.

If you push the pole all the way out with your feet and shoulders going out together, it is said that the longer the stride length, the greater the amount of exercise.

If the chest and waist are not properly straightened, the use of the pole is restricted and the movement of the upper body is restricted.

Particular attention should be paid to this.


Unlike general walking exercise, a dedicated pole (stick) is used to reduce the burden on the body.

It distributes so that there is no strain on the joints and muscles.

Therefore, it is difficult for people with poor knee joints or herniated discs to know the correct posture.

You can do it without.

It is also better than regular walking because it uses the muscles of the upper and lower body as a whole.

It burns more than twice as many calories and has a correction effect.

Nordic Walking Correct Posture

By using the 'ALFA Technique', which is basically composed of 4 steps, you can prevent injuries and get the right workout effect.

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A (Caution) - To straighten the upper body

If you pull your navel back while walking with your spine upright, the gap between your chin and navel widens, naturally straightening your chest and back. Getting used to this posture can help prevent back problems and reduce various joint pains that can be caused by poor posture.

L (long arms) – straight arms

Arms should be extended as long as possible and should not rise above navel level while swinging the arms.

When extending your arms and reaching back, your arms should remain at the same angle.

F (flat stick) – keep stick legs level

The angle of the column should be 55-65 degrees with the floor.

Also, the pole must not be erected at a 90 degree angle to the legs standing behind the pole.

Keep your legs and posts at the same angle as you walk.

A (Adapted Steps) – Maintaining proper stride length

The stride is always constant and properly spaced. However, it may vary depending on the terrain.

For example, the stride length on flat ground and the stride length for going up and down may change depending on the situation.

Nordic Walking Effect

Nordic walking involves the use of a pole when walking, so if you walk while maintaining an accurate posture, you can see the effect of combining strength training and aerobic exercise, as well as correcting the turtle neck and bent back. In addition, if the correct posture and proper use of the poles are used, the core muscles are strengthened by stimulating the lower body such as the thighs and calves and the arm and shoulder muscles that use the poles. Since the entire muscle is used, energy is consumed and the weight is increased.

It is also said to be effective in weight loss.

Of course, as with all workouts, you need to keep going for three to four weeks to see results.

To see noticeable results, you need to do it for at least 3 months, 60-90 minutes a day.

It consumes more energy than regular walking exercise and consumes 400 kcal of energy per hour.

Cycling, aerobics, etc. burn more calories than exercise.

It can also be difficult for people with back, knee, or thigh joint pain to walk, but walking while holding on to a pole relieves the pain by distributing the weight and allows you to walk, reducing the strain on your knees and back. You can continue. let

So far, we have learned about Nordic walking. Even people with bad knees or back can do it without overdoing it, so please learn the correct posture and maintain your health.

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