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The world first hydrotherapy EMS suits for the recovery of muscle function.
elmus is divided into three types: bathtub type, underwater type,
and band type. Each can be supports the rehabilitation mode by situation
Implemented World's first aquatic EMS technology.
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It can construct more diverse rehabilitation programs
beyond the limits of existing rehabilitation exercises.
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The waterproof case
Elmus waterproof case removes restrictions
on rehabilitation exercise activities.
EMS suit
For aqua Rehabilitation
Using buoyancy reduces the burden of the body and
focuses on the recovery of the core muscle.
(Abs / side / waist / glutes / front thigh / back thigh)
Product info
elmus aqua
 (Active aqua rehabilitation suit)
High Waist suit / Device / Waterproof case / Buoy Case
There are four types of products,
minimize spatial restrictions
on active aquatic rehabilitation
elmus aqua suit set.png
aqua 05.jpg

Aquatic EMS rehabilitation training

It can be available in aquatic rehabilitation

training to activate and strengthen

muscle nerves gradually.


High-quality materials ‘Neoprene.’

It is well known as a diving suit material

and has advantages of excellent warmth,

strong durability, and elasticity.


Exclusive waterproof case

The world's first waterproof case developed

with our own technology enables safe

EMS training underwater safely.


2 types suit set

Entire body types :

9 parts 18 points

Arms, upper chest, abs, sides, waist, glutes, front tights, back thighs

Core focusing types :

6 parts 12 points

Abs, sides, waist, glutes, front tights, back tights


Operating with the APP (Android)

Operating by a dedicated application based on wireless communication can set up the strength of stimulation and training time by each muscle part.


18 types modes.

Different types of EMS stimulation modes can be set individually for exercise purposes. (muscle strengthening, cardio, recovery, massage, yoga ,and relaxation.)


9CH/6CH support a maximum of 150 Hz.

Support micro-currents for help to relieve the pain, massage, and activate muscle nerves. ( 9 channels of entire body / 6 channels of core muscles)


Exclusive waterproof

It is possible to perform various aquatic rehabilitation programs with the buoy type's waterproof case.

What is Aqua Rehabilitation
 (​Aqua Therapy)
It is a rehabilitation exercise conducted
underwater to restore muscle function through buoyancy,
hydrostatic pressure, and temperature,
which are the nature of water.
수중 치료
elmus_대지 1 사본.png
Elmus's world-first underwater EMS technology
makes it illimitable from existing rehabilitation
methods and allows direct muscular exercise efficiency.
수중 다이빙
Improve flexibility

Buoyancy reduces the impact of gravity,
improving flexibility, and reducing
the burden of muscle stress and pain.
aqua 03.jpg
aqua 04.jpg
Recovery muscle function

​Water-resistance allows you to control
your momentum freely and increases your
muscle strength and range of motion. 
물 처리
aqua 06.jpg
Relieve stress

​Stretching in warm water reduces
muscle tension and gives
physical and mental stability.
elmus process

​This is how it works

Hydrotherapy Process
01 elmus spa.png
elmus pro
[Muscle care]
Rehabilitation for those who are with physically immobile, enjoy it as a spa without excessive exercise
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수중 치료
elmus aqua
[Function recovery]
Aquatic rehabilitation under the assistance of a trained rehabilitation instructor
03 elmus band.png
elmus band
Exercise rehabilitation which aims to build up muscle strength


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