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Easy muscle care that starts with

a 20-minute spa without excessive exercise.

[ hydrotherapy ]

elmus pro

elmus Spa supports muscle management for vulnerable health people, such as the disabled and the elderly, who are unable to exercise steadily due to physical immobility.

Bath type/Suit type that users can choose from depending on their current physical condition.



Bathtub type

EMS bathtub specialized in easy whole-body

muscle care without wearing an EMS suit.

If you drag, you can check various angles
by expanding and reducing the product

200214 1.5차 장비 모델링 최종.393 복사2.png

24 points entire body care

Through large-scale near-point division

according to your condition

​precise customizable control

균형 빔

Manage muscle & maintain body balance

Balance the disorganized body due to

muscle weakness and use it for

rehabilitation and body therapy.

EMS SUIT V1_edited.jpg

Service differentiation competitiveness

Easy to manage with an effective

usage time of 20 min and intuitional

operation method


12 parts of entire body care

Arms, shoulders, back, abs, sides, upper and lower glutes, upper and lower thigh, calves, and soles(separately, connect abs and side with bands)


Operating with

the dial

Easy to operate analog dial including option button of 'Stop' function.


21 types mode

Included various workout modes such as 'muscle strengthening, cardio, recovery, massage.' Operating time and resting time can be set up freely.


12 channels, 2500 Hz widen frequency band

Support Low-mid frequency can stimulate deep muscles to promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, metabolic activation.


Power usage : AC 220V

It changes the DC 12v through the external adapter and transfers micro-currents safely.

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Effect of Water

Water is the most effective medium for transmitting EMS signals to the human body.

Therefore, water temperature is an important factor in aquatic exercise,

and it can be applied depending on the condition of each user.

Water temperatures ranges from 32 to 35 degrees promote metabolism and induce psychological stability.


Aquatic EMS

Aquatic EMS training directly induces muscle contraction and relaxation at low frequencies.

It helps the elderly and disabled restore their muscle function no more the risk of

joint strain or injury caused by heavy exercise equipment.

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Through Elmus spa,
​without excessive exercise,

Vulnerable people can keep their health with 20 minutes of EMS muscular management.

elmus process

​This is how it works

Hydrotherapy Process
point line.png
elmus pro
[Muscle Care]
Rehabilitation for those who are impaired physically, enjoy it as
a spa without excessive exercise
01 elmus spa.png
수중 치료
elmus aqua
[Function recovery]
Aqua active rehabilitation under the assistance of a trained rehabilitation instructor
03 elmus band.png
elmus band
Exercise rehabilitation which aims to build up muscle strength


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